Silent Words - ajatuksia kuvina

Rebeccalle, jonka mielestä kaikki, aivan kaikki, on niin kaunista <3

Family = love by Kevin

Scuba diving by Marius

Home sweet home by Marius

Real life superheroes by Marius

Tanjung Kling - by Joanna (19/7/2012)
Dad & mom - by Kevin
I didn’t make it all the way through fifth grade for nothing. -by Marius

Grandma is another word for Love - 26.4.2012 - by Voke mummi

All our dreams can come true - by Joanna
Snufkins on the road again - by Kevin & Juha

Just walk beside me and be my friend - by Joanna

Can you see the invisible? - by Joanna
A piece of heaven on earth - by Joanna

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